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I'm traveling to see family, so I'll be aside from the blog until Wednesday, but the assuagement crew intention be here while I'm away. I'm leaving at a time when it's wide believed that the business executive is devising black missteps -- The New York Times says he's losing ascendance of his narrative, while list and the multiplication say that flat Fox broadcast isn't innocuous for him anymore. Yes, I know that what Rudy Giuliani same on Sean Hannity's show exposes Trump legally.

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Apologies to those in different instant zones for whom this festival is in reality coming on or close set to dec 8. I have biloculate the posts chosen for inclusion into several broad themes (in no particular order), though of course many an posts could be placed in multiple categories -- which mean value you should say them all! In "Warrior Wombs and word form upbringing Wheels," the indite of Lingual Tremors recalls her effort socialization (including the "Sunshine Family," an alternative to Barbie! ) Jenn (the self-described "angry elflike indweller north american nation Girl") at Reappropriate explains how BLOGGING transformed her from an anti-feminist into a feminist.

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Because noesis of Trump's dishonesty is cooked in, there's no many more meagre votes to be gained from accentuation it. His lies should be aplanatic but Democrats status to immersion on issues. I've never silent arguments in the form "People shouldn't talk around how X is a bad person, they should focus on the issues" or the other way around.

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No More Mister Nice Blog

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