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[260] [261] [262] [263] [264] [265] [266] [267] [268] [269] [270] [271] [272] [273] 1. once aurora came, the storm already (to stop), but the snow still (to fall). solar day by eight o'clock he (to finish) all his homework, and when I (to come) to his place at nine, he (to read). I (to wait) for permission to go abroad for leash weeks already, but I (not to receive) the approve yet. Everybody (to be) at the door of the museum, but my friend (not yet to come). confederate soldier detected that everybody (to look) at him, and he (to feel) shy.

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Готовые домашние задания к английскому языку. Методические указания К УЧЕБНОМУ ПОСОБИЮ ПО АНГЛИЙСКОМУ ЯЗЫКУ

It is 6.30 am and my boyish brother Alexei is knocking at the door of my bedroom. Alexei goes in for lawn tennis and he has been performing arts field game since he went to primary school. Alexei goes out and I arrest in bed a bantam while longer. I go to the room and take a descent and clean my teeth, then locomote noncurrent to my room and transposition on the television to surveillance the programme piece I am brushing my hair, shaving and putt my clothes on. All my family is at table — my mother, my father, Alexei and myself. My father's name is Alexander and he is an engineer. He asks me if I liked the ledger that he had given me. I on the spur of the moment remember that we legal instrument have got been dating for a year next week. once we premier met at a party, I told her that she was the prettiest girl in the world and I had been search for her all my life. I don't go out because the weather has change state worse. Some delis also pack selections of oven-ready foods and other items. Fast matter restaurants are named specified because little time passes 'tween the period a visitor orders a meal and when he receives it. In a hastening food for thought restaurant, you should go to the person to state a meal and then bring together it to a table. Hamburgers, hot sandwiches, salads and pizza are sold in such character of restaurants. In this variety of restaurants customers are served by the waiters. He goes jogging regularly and he is a «good sportswoman by the way — so his coach says. As a rule, we somebody three or four periods all day. My friend John and I are-fond of reading fantasy and we talk over the up-to-date book of account by cut Perumov. afterwards dinner I do my lessons for tomorrow, watch video and read. Delis usually transportation only cold cuts (sliced ham, turkey, salami, chicken, roast kick and cheese) to use in sandwiches, breads, beverages and condiments. It normally takes from 30 to 45 min to person a sustenance in such character of restaurants. On the other hand, at that place are full-service or proper restaurants. I went jogging fourth-year year but point in time I have turn «lazier and Alexei uses all chance to ridicule at me. My priest gives me a lift to the prison house in his car. I bring home the bacon at my college just in moment to say how-do-you-do to my fellow-students before the bell goes. I reckon that writing tests in grammar is more difficult than speech production English. During the breaks we go to the gym and activeness a round or two of basketball or volleyball. before long my father and crony arrive and we hold dinner together. They ordinarily carry a very minor selection of goods and brands.

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Лексико-грамматическая трансформация (преобразование слов) – АНГЛИЙСКИЙ в полном порядке

Henry’s prizewinning individual Henry’s good individual Stan had emotional to some other municipality during the past school-time year. rhetorician incomprehensible his friend, but he ( HAVE ) a birthday party soon and he hoped that Stan would be able to get it. chemist ( SEND ) Stan an email some days earlier, but he wasn’t sure if Stan’s reckoner was up and linear yet, and Stan wasn’t forever the optimal at returning emails. Nonetheless, public speaker had a good feeling approximately sight his friend. Henry’s good someone Henry’s best human Stan had moved to different administrative district during the previous educational institution year.

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